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大人倫菜 (おおひと りな)

1987 年鹿児島生まれ。東京藝術大学美術学部絵画科油画専攻卒業、同大学修士課程修了。



近年の主な個展に「Over the sea into the mountains」( Burlington House、London、

2018)、「Landscapes in the epic」 (Taidekeskus Järvilinna、Finland、2018)など。

受賞歴に「トーキョーワンダーウォール公募2014」 トーキョーワンダーウォール賞、藤幡正

樹賞(東京都現代美術館、2014)、「FUKUI サムホール美術展」入選(FUKUI サムホー

ル、福井、2011)、「日本芸術センター第3 回絵画公募展」入選 (神戸芸術センター、兵








私たち人間の持つ、不可視の感覚を可視化するための試みとして、私は作品の中で鑑賞者に問いかけます。作品を視ることで、 鑑賞者が傍観者でありながらも同時に当事者として、作品世界のなかに入り込み、自らの原点を探す旅になればと願っています。


Rina Ohito

Born in Kagoshima, Japan

Lives and works in Tokyo


Rina Ohito was born in Kagoshima, Japan in 1987. Currently, lives and works in Tokyo. She received a BFA in Oil painting at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2016 and currently enrolled in the master program at the same university.

She was a recipient of the First Prize TURNER AWARD in 2017; and Tokyo Wonder Wall Award, Judge’s award in 2014. Recent group exhibitions include TURNER AWARD 2016, TURNER Gallery/Tokyo , Multiply -Phosphorescence perspective from each point-, Kyoto / Gallery Fleur; Recent solo exhibitions were Collaction, Gallery Beans/Kagoshima; Over the sea into the mountains, Burlington House /London.


The main theme in my art practice is the boundary line between the real world and imaginary worlds.

I work with different kinds of media such as paintings, prints, ready-made objects, texts and installations

.In addition, I often work with children to make artworks.

I am especially concerned with creating “narrative” in my work. This “narrative” operates like “a veil”

separating artworks from the artist.

By using this framework, the real world becomes fiction and imaginary world becomes non-fiction.

The viewer is invited to the boundary line, navigating between the real world and the imaginary world.

This artistic approach is inspired by children’s fantasy world and similar to the make-believe of

children’s play. Children act free when they play and routinely come and go between these boundaries.

By entering into the work’s realm, the viewer is not merely a witness but also a participant.

I hope this experience becomes a journey for the viewers to find their own origin.

CV (English)


2016-2020 Master of Fine Arts, Oil painting Department, Tokyo University of the Arts

2019 Royal Academy Schools, London (Exchange Program)

2012-2016 Bachelor of Oil painting Department, Tokyo University of the Arts

2009-2012 Bachelor of Oil painting Department, Nihon University College of Art


[Solo exhibitions]

2019 Collaction (Gallery Beans/Kagoshima/JP)

2018 Landscapes in the epic (Taidekeskus Järvilinna/Fin)

2018 Over the sea,deep into the mountains (Burlington House /London/UK)

2016 Once upon a time(Gallery Beans/Kagoshima/JP)

2015 TWS-Emerging “[Drawing room]” (Tokyo /Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya/JP)

2015 Tokyo Wonder Wall 2014 (Tokyo /Tokyo Metropolitan Government/JP)


[Selected Group Exhibition]

2019 ROOM +M ( Rearx-find /Tokyo/JP)

2019 Small paintings Exhibition(Geidai- art -plaza /Tokyo/JP)

2018 ISHIBASHI FOUNDATION, Traveling Scholarship Program Exhibition(Tokyo University of the Arts/Tokyo/JP)

2018 Third Person Shooters / Auto Aim (Tokyo University of the Arts/Tokyo/JP)

2017 TURNER AWARD 2016 (TURNER Gallery/Tokyo /JP)

2016 VERITAS Art Necessaria (Tokyo /VERITAS Corporation/JP)

2016 Multiply-Phosphorescence perspective from each point- (Gallery Fleur/Kyoto /JP)

2015 In the Intervals (Tokyo /VERITAS Corporation/JP)

2014 Hitohutaten (Tokyo /Arts Chiyoda 3331/JP)

2014 Tokyo Wonder Wall 2014 (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo/Tokyo /JP)

2014 Promotion Exhibition (Tokyo University of the Arts/Tokyo /JP)

2012 Tride Art Path 2012 (Tokyo University of the Arts/Tokyo /JP)

2012 Landscape Exhibition 2012 (Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery/Tokyo /JP)

2012 Unknown possibility 10 (Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery/Tokyo JP)

2011 Ecoda 7colors (Galerie corbeau/Saitama /JP)

2010 YMO (Galerie corbeau/Saitama /JP)



2016 First prize “TURNER AWARD 2016”

2015 Encouragement Prize “JASSO Excellent student recognition”

2014 Tokyo Wonder Wall Award. Judges’ Award. “Tokyo Wonder Wall”

2011 Selected Exhibition “thumb hole Fukui”

2010 Selected “Japan Center for the Arts Painting Contest”


[Residency programs]

2018 Taidekeskus Järvilinna、(Laukaa/Fin)


[Grants and fellowships]

2018 Ishibashi Foundation Traveling Scholarship

2017 Gion Art and Sports Foundation Scholarship

2016 Yamada Osamitsu Scholarship Foundation Scholarship

2014 JASSO Excellent student recognition Scholarship

2011-2018 Full tuition discount, Tokyo University of the Arts

2009-2011 Nittsu Foundation Scholarship


[Talks & workshops]

2019 Welcome back artist talks ( Kagoshima communication center/ Kagoshima/JP)

2018 Tell me your Favorite story (Laukaa/Fin)

2017 “CHAT” (Red brick space in TUA/ Tokyo/JP)

2017 “Onegai-chan” workshop project (Olympia Park /Munich/GE)

2015 “Onegai-chan” workshop project (Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya /Tokyo/JP)

2012 “Onegai-chan” workshop project (Hounan Children’s Hall /Tokyo/JP)